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Townhouse 2.0(TH 2.0) is a technology which aims at revolutionising the culture of co-living and co-working. Considering the lifestyle of users this technology focuses on building personalised networks and communities. Primarily based on the lifestyle of millennials, this technology recommends users various communities satisfying their professional and social requirement.

TH2.0 for Users
A user could create their virtual avatar on TH 2.0 platform, sharing their personal preferences. The created avatar would guide TH2.0 technology to find the best-suited venues to live near the work location or vice-versa. With the ever-changing lifestyle and priorities of the users, the technology hopes to deliver personalised services to cater and adapt to their changing needs. Either social, spatial, professional or contextual, TH2.0 considers all the user preferences to deliver a life-changing community experience.

TH2.0 for Property Owners & Business Individuals
Townhouse(TH2.0) technologies private limited brings great opportunities for a property developer, property owners as well as business individuals. Understand and forecasting real estate trends TH2.0 could help develop business with higher profits and efficient investments. Developing on the concept of co-living and co-working TH2.0 could turn a vacant property into a landmark location TH2.0 could design, build, market and manage a property to provide an all-round business solution.


We are a team of Researchers, Architects, Designers & Engineers learning and finding new ways to explore the future of housing. Our future aim with TH2.0 would be to provide On Demand Housing.


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Townhouse 2.0 (TH2,0) is a research project which is now professionally being developed by its founder Ripple. This research was initiated by Ripple (India), Neha Kalokhe (India) and Genci Sulo (Albania) under Nahmad Bhooshan Studio at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, the United Kingdom in 2016-2018, academic year. The brief of the Studio was to understand and visualise the living-working trends of the city, London and propose a system which addresses the changing needs of the city. The research was developed on the observed disparity between living and working density in central London. While drawing certain outcomes and forming several strategies, the research group discovered this system, which available to the world in the form of Townhouse 2.0 (TH2.0) Technologies Private Limited.

The research group investigated on creating an innovative form of system which prioritises and encourages the formation of communities as well as giving users the benefit of customising and personalising social and spatial requirements. The proposed architectural model aims to provide shared living spaces for working people near traditional working areas in London.

Historically, Townhouses were terraced houses used during weekends and temporary during some time of the years by families living in country houses in the UK. As observed by the group, people live in peripheral parts of the city and commute for a long time daily to their workplaces. Version 2.0 aimed to reinterpret the traditional townhouse which combined with concepts of co-living, can be the place to live not only temporary.

In a world of rapid and changing needs of people, mass production is progressively trying to adapt to the market’s demands in almost every field. Standardized products are continuously being replaced by highly personalized products that by adapting the final outputs reflect the individual requirements.

The proposal aims to provide personalized housing responding to the unique preferences of the users. It will provide users with the opportunity to order their house online and to build their community that they want to be part of. The online platform would enable them to choose from different gradients of privacy and social exchange and also, to select and to be informed about their future neighbours.

In parallel, the research seeks to investigate and incorporate novel architectural geometries and fabrication methods for delivering mass customization. The emerging field of curve folding is explored for delivering time changing, prefabricated living units in response to the changing needs of its communities. The contribution to the architectural discourse is the new way of creating possible livable spaces through intricate shapes deriving from folding single flat sheets. By investigating curve folding and its digital fabrication possibilities, the proposals envision its potential application to larger architectural scale.


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